Jonny Cola & The A Grades – Alpha Male

Jonny Cola and The A Grades are great band from London, England, releasing some of their music through the Indelicates‘ label Corporate Records on a pay what you like basis. The band looks rather rough and seems to have some kind of punk attitude. Their music can’t really be considered punk though. And I am aware of the fact that I shouldn’t judge people by their appearence.

The song Alpha Male might serve as a good example here. It’s more a love song than anything else, however. And yes, already the title is really appealing to me. For some reason I am sincerely interested in concepts of “male“, etc, which can be seen in previous posts.

Jonny Cola and the A Grades, apart from the musical talent they have, are lyrically brilliant at times. The line “I heart you with emoticons and indoor fireworks”, for instance, is able to bring an image to mind. Something I simply love when it comes to music…

The video to Alpha Male is below. The website of Jonny Cola and the A Grades offers a free download of an acoustic version however.  And I highly recommend giving this version a listen too. It’s worth it!

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