The Indelicates, David Koresh Superstar

The Indelicates are back with album number three, a concept album, which bears the promising title  David Koresh Superstar. It is pretty much about the Waco Siege and David Koresh and his followers, whether they are it by choice or not. My superstar from the record is probably lovely Lily Rae. But anyway, as it says on Corporate Records:

Ambitious, daring and beautifully realised, David Koresh Superstar – a concept album telling the story of 1993’s Waco Siege with a full complement of pedal steel guitars, musical saws and percussive guns in a bitter cocktail of rebel country, luau, disco and rock opera. With a cast that includes Carter USM’s Jim Bob, David Devant and his Spirit Wife’s Vessel and Radio favourite Philip Jeays, David Koresh Superstar is The Indelicates’ Masterpiece.

And this statement holds definitely true for this record. I didn’t really know what to expect when this concept album was announced and it was hard to beat the American Demo and the Songs For Swinging Lovers. And I’m not even sure yet whteher The Indelicates succeeded in this regard or not but David Koresh Superstar is at least the best concept album I’ve heard in a long time! What follows is the first single from the new album, I Am Koresh. You can get the full album here on Corporate Records!

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