Kenneth Cappello, Photography

Kenneth Cappello‘s work in way brings together fashion, photography and music. That’s probably why I really like his stuff. He not only does work as a fashion photographer, he also does shoots with more or less known musicians and even directs music videos. He seems to be especially fond of The Kills, although it might as well be the other way round, meaning Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince fancying the work of Kenneth Cappello.

I really enjoyed brwosing through the fashion section at Cappello’s website, some really nice work on there. Here are two shots I came across and liked right away. But it’s just an example, visit his website if you wanna find out what Cappello and his work are about!

Kenneth Cappello, FashionKenneth Cappello, Fashion I

Here is the music video to Black Balloon by The Kills, directed by Kenneth Cappello, take a look. I for one really like it, the creepy atmosphere or the fact that it’s rather disturbing:

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One Response to Kenneth Cappello, Photography

  1. love says:

    It’s fantastic to discover this photographer who was new to me! THANKS a LOT!

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