Von Haze, Outside The Night

Von Haze is an U.S. American duo from Brooklyn, New York. The duo is made up of Travis Caine and Katherine Kin and some of their songs and videos are rather disturbing, such as the song Outside The Night for instance. But maybe that is the reason why they describe their music as psychedelic on their MySpace page. It makes sense in a way.

Von Haze are signed by Hippos In Tanks but haven’t got that far yet, as far as i know. But i would really like to see them live in concert soon. Until then their songs and videos on the web have to do. My favourite so far is Outside The Night, to be found on the Von Haze E.P. The video to the song is directed by Donald Andrews.

In case you want to know what Travis Caine and Katherine Kin look like when not in one of their videos, photographer Cat Stevens has done some nice portraits of the two. Here is one of them:

Von Haze by Cat Stevens

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  1. toasty redhead says:

    Good points!

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