Britta Persson, Meet A Bear

Britta Persson is probably the most promising newcomer from Sweden lately. Her first record Current Affair Medium Rare is pretty good and includes several great tracks. Such as Meet A Bear for instance, the first single taken from the album.

I really like the video to Meet A Bear. Although it seems a bit pointless to me.  What is all this dancing around about? But maybe I just don’t get it… Here it is:

If you wanna check Britta Persson out live in concert, you should probably visit her website. She is on tour in Europe right now. Or at least in Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands. But I am sure there is more to come!

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3 Responses to Britta Persson, Meet A Bear

  1. Gamestpk says:

    cute! thank you!

  2. Gamesazd says:

    yes, that is sooo cute! thank you!

  3. שיפור בגרויות says:

    big like! – thanks.

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