Karen Elson, Pretty Babies

Karen Elson is mostly known for being a model, super model, or whatever you wanna call it. But she is also making music. Really good music. In a way she is proof that utter beauty does not prevent one from making good music, just like Scarlett Johansson.

And yes, Karen Elson is also the wife of Jack White, former frontman of the freaking fantastic White Stripes. But you know, if you listen to Karen Elson’s music you see that she is not signed for being either pretty or married to Jack White (or both) but because she is a talented musician making really great music. She has released one record on Third Man Records / XL Recordings  so far, The Ghost Who Walks. And this album features even this track, Pretty Babies:

Hope I won’t get in trouble for posting this photo now, it is taken by Ben Sklar for the New York Times. And I for one really like it! Does she look like Uma Thurman here? Doesn’t really matter I know!

Karen Elson by Ben Sklar

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