Kicking Cars and Chasing Pavements

Kicking cars is probably the silliest way to spend fifty Euro, by far! Some time ago, after working hard to finally have some money to spend freely, I went out with my girlfriend. But instead of having a dinner or patying hard or whatever, we ended up roaming the streets arguing, chasing pavements.

That hadn’t been the plan obviously, I can tell you that. Consequently I was really annoyed at some point. And that was in a moment we happened to get to some crossroads. The traffic light was green when we were going to pass the street. However, it switched to red, although I was convinced that it still was green. And given that I was in the mood to fight for my rights this night whatsoever, I kicked the first car passing by.

A silly thing to do, yes. Given that the passengers were three angry-looking guys packed with muscles. My attempts to make a run for it… It didn’t work out. Probably because I was slightly drunk, way too slow, and feeling rather bad about leaving my girlfriend behind. So yes, they caught me. And charged me fifty Euros. And that was the end of the night out, but not the end of the arguments unfortunately…

David Meshki, Before

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