Portraits – Dan Sartain and Vincent Vincent

There aren’t too many good portraits of rock artists out there. So I’m glad I came across these ones of Dan Sartain and Vincent Vincent of Vincent Vincent and the Villains.

Dan Sartain for one looks really nerdy on this one and I didn’t really believe he could look like that. Like some creepy version Buddy Holly if you like. The photo of Dan Sartain is by Cat Stevens / Nora Wong:

Dan Sartain by Cat Stevens and Nora Wong

Vincent Vincent is portrayed by Mattia Zoppellaro. In front of some old newspapers. And again, even he can be said to look a bit creepy. The portrait is great though, just like the newspaper headlines in the back. “I Love My Work – I’m a Teen Prostitute”, “Strangles Mom to Get 100 Dollars” and “Raped. Shot. Run Over and Burned“. Okay…

Vincent Vincent by Mattia Zappellaro

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