Mumford and Sons – White Blank Page

White Blank Page is definitely one of my favourite Mumford and Sons songs. I somehow like Marcus Mumford’s voice and all the passion he puts into his singing. That isn’t too common these days if you think of all the over-produced records. I mean where is the personality and stuff? It shouldn’t sound too clean.

Sigh No More is no live record obviously. But if you compare the studio album with the versions recorded at Shepherd’s Bush Empire there are no too big differences. That probably means that Mumford and Sons are simply great musicians, right?

The lyrics are simply great. But they can really hit home in a bad way if you let them get to you or if you can relate to them on some personal level. One of the songs that really kill me at times is White Blank Page. It’s just connected to too many memories of a night…

One question is still open though. What does the line if only I had an enemy bigger than my apathy I could have won in I Gave You All mean? I stumble upon this one every time I listen to the song. Any suggestions what it means? Think about it.

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