The Trucker and the Fairy

Feminism somehow shattered patriarchy and the male identity taken for granted and for some kind of natural order for so long. Only in hip hop, the Victorian concept of women as the angels in the house, who are to be seen but not to be heard, to some degree lives on. Especially in rap videos.

Apart from rap videos, though, men do have to come to terms with the changes, which, of course, are mainly positive and can also be seen as a chance. But the point is that there is no longer this clear-cut distribution of roles and so on. By now it’s rather up to the couple to build a relationship that suits both parties best. However, this leaves you on a quest for a secure identity.

Equality between the sexes is something i do believe in, as well as feminism. But it’s still hard to be right if the woman is wrong, as the Tacticians put it. But not only that, it’s also that men, given that they do not try to live up to some alpha-male stereotype, find themselves lacking some guidance. Or, to make it more vivid, are trapped between being a trucker and or fairy.

Théo Gosselin

Feels like being trapped here, consequently, between those images by Théo Gosselin and Aleksandra Kinskaj. And yes, the solitude of the people featured on these photos is probably no coincidence, rather telling. Not even trying to live up to a stereotype can obviously make one feel lonely or lost at times.

Aleksandra Kinskaj

However, comments are welcome. This is a question open for discussion so please feel free to join in and take a stance!

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