Fashion Photography, Art, Meaning

Fashion photography and art, sometimes it’s hard to draw a clear line between the two. I guess it’s similar to the work of Pina Bausch, which may seem totally meaningless at some points. Other images in her pieces are utterly beautiful and apparently highly charged with meaning. So in the end it depends on whether you let the images get to you or whether you want to stick with the lack of meaning that might strike you at a first glance.

The question is probably whether you can see yourself in those images, it’s probably like with artwork or illustrations, depending solely on whether you can relate to it at a personal level. If you can, fashion is no longer the point really. Then it’s more about emotions conveyed by the setting, the atmosphere, or by appearance of the models.

Ann He is one of those aspiring fashion photographers able to tell a story with her photos. And the following image might serve as a good example, although it depends on the viewer what the story is about.
Ann He, personal darkroom

The same holds true for Natsumi Hayashi, who does a lot of levitating self-portraits. And somehow she appears to be slightly misplaced in most of the settings, constituting an unexpected element and in this way telling a story, giving her works some deeper meaning. For instance:

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