Franz Nicolay, Luck and Courage

To get surprised at concerts is something that really rarely happens these days. The last time that happened to me was probably when Franz Nicolay opened a show for Moneybrother some years ago. The mustachioed man made his entrance and it was hard to tell what he was up to or what his show would look like.

Hi, I’m Franz Nicolay… and that is all the German i got, were his first words if I remember correctly, with reference to his name which sounds German. And this start somehow pointed to that it was going to be great. I mean, to be able to not take yourself too seriously is a good quality. And it wasn’t that he made a fool of himself. And he seemed to genuinly enjoy the show, no matter what the rather bewildered faces of the crowd might have told him.

Franz Nicolay by Miles Kerr

In a way, that is what concerts should look like. It’s fine if bands sound exactly like on their records when playing live, but concerts are also a chance for changes. And Franz Nicolay for one really took that chance. I couldn’t help but buying his record after the concert, Major General. And of course, the songs sounded different on the record, given that he had played them simply on guitar, banjo or accordion at the concert.

Luck and Courage, the follow up to Major General, is finally there. Given that i’ve listened to the versions on the record, you should too!, i can’t wait for him to come over to the old world to play shows here! Franz Nicolay is certainly able to give you a surprise. And I would like one of those, please!

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