Respectfully Proceeding

Welcome! Just to get going and to mark a point from  which to start, a song by The Tacticians. The promising title Respectfully Proceeding might serve as the motto for the stuff to come!

I happened to see the Tacticians at a concert in Berlin and was instantly smitten with them. Unfortunately, they somehow disappeared after their fantastic debut Some Kind of Urban Fulfilment. Hope theere is more to come soon!

Välkommen! Bara för att komma igång en låt av The Tacticians, Respectfully Proceeding. Hoppas att det här utvecklas till nåt bra med tiden som går.


Willkommen! Zu Beginn ein Lied von den wunderbaren Tacticians, wobei der Titel des Liedes, Respectfully Proceeding, gerne das Motto dessen darstellen kann, was hier in nächster Zeit kommt!

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